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Develop and promote the culture of surfing in Côte d'Ivoire. We are committed to creating an inclusive and educational environment that enables local communities to access surfing and reap social, economic and environmental benefits.

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Social advantages : Surfing can help improve the physical and mental health of individuals, while promoting self-confidence and personal development. Young people could also find a way to flourish by discovering a passion and developing their skills in this area.

Economic impacts:The organization could create economic opportunities for local communities by developing surf-related tourism. The arrival of surfers, tourists and water sports enthusiasts could boost the local economy by creating jobs in the tourism, accommodation, catering and leisure industry.

Environmental awareness: By promoting an educational environment, the organization could make surfers and the local population aware of the importance of protecting beaches, oceans and coastal ecosystems. This would promote the preservation of the marine environment and contribute to the fight against pollution and the degradation of coastal areas.



Thank you to everyone who has taken this journey with us over the years. Any contribution, big or small, allows us to perpetuate our work...

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